Why are we here?

Welcome to PandemicLaw.ca.  I hope that this can become a collaborative site to for collection of useful resources for the legal profession during this difficult time.

As a former civil litigator and current general counsel, my bias is toward Ontario law and, specifically, employment issues, but it is my hope that the resources available on this site will be of broader applicability.  If you're a Canadian lawyer, paralegal, mediator, law librian, professor, law firm content manager, or anyone else in a position to contribute, I encourage you to sign up and start editing.

Thanks for being part of the community.

- Oscar (@ostrawczy / oscar@oslaw.ca)

Where's the Content?

Pick a jurisdiction from the list of Books in the header.  Ontario and Federal probably have the most content at the moment.

Potential resources for incorporation into this site are being collected and can be viewed in an Airtable database.

A note on organization

I anticipate it will take a few days for a proper organizational structure to emerge.

This Wiki is using BookStack and so is organized by Book.  As of now I've organized matter by jurisdiction, but I'd like to hear feedback on whether topical organization would be more useful.