Public Health Act, s. 52.1

52.1(1)  Where, on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer, the Lieutenant Governor in Council is satisfied that

                             (a)    a public health emergency exists or may exist, and

                             (b)    prompt co‑ordination of action or special regulation of persons or property is required in order to protect the public health,

the Lieutenant Governor in Council may make an order declaring a state of public health emergency relating to all or any part of Alberta.

(2)  On the making of an order under subsection (1) and for up to 60 days following the lapsing of that order, a person referred to in subsection (3) may by order, without consultation, suspend or modify the application or operation of all or part of an enactment subject to the terms and conditions that person may prescribe if the person is satisfied that its application or operation is not in the public interest.

(3)  The following persons may make an order under subsection (2):

                             (a)    the Minister responsible for the enactment;

                             (b)    if the Minister responsible for the enactment is not available, the Minister of Health.