Court of Appeal of British Columbia

Date Update Source
May 14, 2020

Updated Notice to the Public Regarding Access to Court Proceedings During the COVID-19 Pandemic


On 20 April 2020 Chief Justice Bauman directed that, beginning 4 May 2020, the Court of Appeal will hear: (1) all appeals, including those that are not urgent, by video conference using the Zoom platform, unless otherwise directed, and (2) all chambers applications and Registrar’s appointments, including those that are not urgent, by teleconference or in writing, unless otherwise directed.


The Court of Appeal is taking the following steps to ensure that accredited media and other members of the public have access to, and can observe, court proceedings during this exceptional time. The Court of Appeal is committed to the open court principle and will be examining additional steps to ensure all members of the media and public can access Court proceedings. The Court asks for patience as it works to fulfill its appellate function and Constitutional functions while adopting new technology and procedures.


This notice addresses: access to video and teleconference proceedings; media participation in court proceedings; media access to digital audio recordings (DARS), and access to court records.