Rabczak v Dunford, 2020 ONSC 3031

Eviction - moratorium - enforcement - leave of court - jurisdiction

Para 18: "While the applicants are correct that if they wish to enforce an eviction in light of the moratorium in force in Ontario today, they will need leave of the court. However, before asking the court for leave to enforce an eviction order, they first need to obtain an eviction order to enforce. That can only be done at the Landlord and Tenant Board."

Para 19: "No one expected the shutdown of the economy wrought by the pandemic. It has left both sides potentially in extreme circumstances. I expect that negotiation among the parties, approached  with empathy for the situation the other, will provide the most efficient, affordable, and acceptable outcome and one that is consistent with the cooperation required by all of us in these very unusual and distressing times."